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If I was Arne Duncan

If I was Arne Duncan, I would be telling President Obama, we’ve made some terrible mistakes.

I’d tell him we were wrong on getting schools to Race to the Top.

I would tell President Obama we should be getting public schools to MARCH TO THE TOP.

I would tell him enough with the race, not everyone wins in a race! We should be working to get all schools the resources they need, without pre-existing conditions, without high stakes testing, and without targeting teachers, to join our march.

I’d tell President Obama we need to arm our teachers, not with guns, but with real weapons to wipe out the inequities that many public schools suffer from due to location, poverty, and the lack of real funding. PUBLIC SCHOOL Teachers need resources, they need adequate budgets, they need job security, they need a future, they need the respect of the nation.

I’d tell President Obama we need to make our schools safer for children. We must provide resources to fix crumbling buildings. We must remove threats to our children and teachers that they face in our schools such as; poor HVAC, leaky roofs, hazardous buildings, overcrowded structures, dangerous neighborhoods, and yes… secure doors, windows and grounds.

I’d tell President Obama we need to secure funding for support services for children; we need an improved mental health system, we need social workers armed with resources geared towards families; we need to increase special education funding and remove obstacles such as programs, like RTI, which actually make it more difficult for children to receive the intervention services they need.

I’d tell President Obama that schools need help  to establish programs that would strengthen families and neighborhoods. Funding must be secured to enable public schools to reclaim their position as the center of community life.

I’d tell President Obama, that our children are our nation’s most important asset and that the privatization of public education jeopardizes that asset. Charter schools divert funds from our public schools and the trend to divert needed funds from public schools must be reversed.

I’d tell President Obama that the latest social experiment called Common Core Standards is destined to hurt our academic standing in the world. I’d tell him that our children represents our nation’s future and these standards ignore the diversity that is our greatest strength.

I’d tell President Obama that our policies are wiping the arts out of public education. While schools are racing, the arts are being shed like clothing in a marathon.

Most importantly, I’d tell President Obama that we must stop demonizing teachers. I’d tell him that politicians should be a nation’s scapegoats not teachers. I’d tell him that the current efforts to evaluate teachers is dangerous and could put our nation at risk.

If I was Arne Duncan, I would tell President Obama, we got it wrong on public education and it needs to be fixed, otherwise the fiscal cliff will seem like walk in the park compared to the abyss our poor education policies will create.

Maybe the Maya were on to something..

Consider these questions…

Post armed guards in each school?

Allow teachers to carry concealed weapons in class?

Allow 30-100 round magazines?

Allow ownership of semi automatic weapons that can fire 10+rounds/ second?

Our schools are failing?

Unions are destroying the nation?

Eliminate public employee pensions?

Have students take 9 hours of tests to determine if their teacher is effective?

Sell off and privatize our nation’s education system?

Take money out of the budgets of public schools and hand it over to private enterprise?

Eliminate classrooms and have kids learn strictly via cyberspace?

State that all children should be at the same academic level at the same time?

Ignore poverty exists and that it affects children’s ability to learn?

Class size doesn’t matter?

All children will be college ready, due to a common core of educational standards, at the same time?

Maybe the Maya were on to something. The world as we knew it really has ended.


I’ve been shaken to the core thinking about those precious innocents and their last moments while teachers struggled to protect them with their last breath.

In the name of these sweet children, we must address the serious issues that face this nation.
Yesterday, I posted on Twitter ~ In the name of these innocent children.. we need strict gun control. to hell with the NRA~ over and over again. I was at a loss for words so I just continued to post it over and over and over again.

I couldn’t believe the hate I received in return!

More evidence we need to address the serious societal issues our nation is facing,
Mental health- many posted yesterday that it was easier to get a gun than it was to get mental health services
Gun control- we need serious campaign finance rules to neutralize the power of the NRA

We often make calls to child protective services, we try to get kids the help they need with health, and mental issues, we try to identify the risks, we work on safety drills, we work day in and day out to create a safe and secure environment for the children we love and teach. Yet evil find it’s way in to our safe havens.

Sometime we can’t stop evil, yet we mustn’t ignore the things we can do to deter it. Gun control, mental health services must be thrust to the top of our nations agenda.

Enough of the blaming teachers and schools for our nations woes. It’s time for drastic action. It’s time to stand our ground and demand accountability for those truly responsible for this horrible tragedy.

I hold the NRA responsible
I hold every one of our elected official who accepted campaign donations from the NRA responsible
I hold every elected official who ever voted or blocked gun control responsible
I hold every elected official who refused to stand up and push for gun control legislation responsible
I hold those who limit mental health services responsible
I hold those elected officials continue to block legislation that expands mental health services responsible
I hold gun manufacturers and gun shop owners responsible
I hold those who produce ammunition responsible
I hold those evil people who sent me hate messages defending gun owner rights responsible
I hold the ignorant defenders of the second amendment responsible

And if we don’t stand up and do whatever we can to prevent this from ever happening again, I will hold us responsible as well.

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