Opine I will

I am an elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

Maybe the Maya were on to something..

Consider these questions…

Post armed guards in each school?

Allow teachers to carry concealed weapons in class?

Allow 30-100 round magazines?

Allow ownership of semi automatic weapons that can fire 10+rounds/ second?

Our schools are failing?

Unions are destroying the nation?

Eliminate public employee pensions?

Have students take 9 hours of tests to determine if their teacher is effective?

Sell off and privatize our nation’s education system?

Take money out of the budgets of public schools and hand it over to private enterprise?

Eliminate classrooms and have kids learn strictly via cyberspace?

State that all children should be at the same academic level at the same time?

Ignore poverty exists and that it affects children’s ability to learn?

Class size doesn’t matter?

All children will be college ready, due to a common core of educational standards, at the same time?

Maybe the Maya were on to something. The world as we knew it really has ended.

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3 thoughts on “Maybe the Maya were on to something..

  1. Novlette Myers on said:

    Opine I Will The world has gone crazy for sure. It’s not the Maya – it’s the fact that we are so lost we are clutching at straws … in trying to make things better we invariably make them worse because we do not think. In order to solve any problem, we have to analyze the problem, we have to see clearly what went wrong and have the patience and the widom to determine what will make it right. We need to be modest enough to concede that we may need help – and we need to seek that help whereever it exists. Most of all we can’t keep doing the same thing in the very same way and expect to get a different result. Afterall, wisdom is proved righteous by its works.Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 19:16:42 +0000 To: nhemyers@hotmail.com

  2. OldQuote on said:

    I agree by being nearly 180 from your implied reasons. We agree that to continue is certain destruction. I think that would be your way while you think it is mine. So let’s agree to a divorce. We split up the assets and laws and relocate as needed to the respective compatible assets for our beliefs. No more imposing our beliefs on others to make them do what is right in our opinion. For exampke, we have managed alcohol laws at the county level since prohibition and not made natioal news. Alcohol kills far more than guns and gun free killing zones. And yet more and more counties are embracing alcohol. A lot of us really do not like being a defensiveless victim to the next criminal wandering streets.

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