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Elections Have Consequences

The consequences from the election of Trump will impact our lives for many years to come. Today we are witnessing the beginning of a conflict that will effect us for some say decades. All roads lead to that infamous election in 2016.

As of last night, Trump continued to praise Putin as he began his invasion of Ukraine. Let’s not forget Trump tried to destroy NATO with his attempted withdrawal. He worked to undermine the government of Ukraine with his faux Hunter Biden investigation. He even blamed Ukraine for interfering in our election while denying Putin interference. Remember when he said he believed Putin over our own National Intelligence community?

Trump held a meeting in the Oval Office with Russian officials, and we were never informed of the substance of that meeting. Trump also brought in Manifort as his campaign chair and advisor. Manifort with ties to Russia worked for the former Ukraine President who was ousted from office. Manifort was one Trump’s connection to Russia’s sharing of election data.

Trump also brought in Michael Flynn ( despite severe warnings not to) as a National security advisor who previously lobbied for Turkey and never filed as a foreign agent. Flynn was caught meting with the Russian ambassador in an attempt to have Trump reverse sanctions against Russia.

It has been documented that Trump also had connections with Russian financial institutions and oligarchs with his company and when he ran the Miss Universe pageants. He also was looking to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Let’s not forget how Trump’s abrupt withdrawal from Syria handed the heads of our Kurdish friends over to Putin’s forces.

The Trump wing of the Republican Party continues to support Putin. Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity broadcasted of the last several weeks how we should not get involved in the  Ukraine/Russia conflict. Last night Trump advisor Steve Bannon defended Putin along with Betsy Devos’ brother Erik Prince.

Yes, elections have consequences! No longer do we have a President that is laughed at and ridiculed by our allies as Trump was. Thank God Biden was able to repair our relationship with our European allies. Just imagine how much worse this could have been.

Be woke!  Be aware that this will be resolved eventually. However it is going to be a long dangerous journey that will need us all to be willing to sacrifice to win peace. Don’t buy into the far-Right crap. Tribalism has no place in our nation today, especially if Putin proceeds into the NATO allied Baltic nations.

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