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We are all at risk

I never thought that I would say that am worried about are nation’s future, but I am. I’m deeply worried that a schism is about to rip the fabric of our great experiment to a point that it will not be able to be mended. There are forces pulling us apart in ways that at one time seemed unimaginable.

Could anyone have predicted our nation’s two political Parties would ever be as polarizing as they now are? We have two major Parties that are themselves divided in ways that may seal their own demise.  Republicans have the extreme Neocons on the Right who have pulled their Party to the brink and old school conservatives who now lack the power to  regain their real base to save themselves from extinction. The Democrats have a huge tent that pushes and pulls their platform in ways that prevents the Party from tracking in any direction.

The result, we have a President who is ripping us apart at the seams and  a Nation that has not been this polarized since the early 1800’s. The public is taking sides in a cult like way. Ignoring the facts laid before them they have chosen sides and refuse to buck the cult that they subscribe to. In addition, we have a growing number of ‘so called citizens’ whose heads are in the sand and refuse to act like true citizens and take a stand. They spend too much of their ignoring the world around them as they go about the merry way.

It’s all about to end. Our nation is about to descend into the abyss. We are about to be isolated from the world, appeasement will destroy the world order, our civil discourse will become uglier and uglier as we turn against each other. The Neocons will thrive in a new world order that will benefit a select few.

I wish I had an answer….


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