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The evidence is clear:The Trump campaign met with Russian interests to obtain information to help their campaign. 

Trump’s top advisors omitted information on their security clearance applications.

Trump has close business ties with Russian oligarchs.

Trump and his advisors lied and continues to lie about their ties with Russians.

Trump still has not released any tax records.

Trump has isolated our country with the rest of the world.

Trump clearly deflected the issues by blaming the press instead of answering to the American people.
So why do Trumpkins continue to believe him? 
To answer that question, look at history. Why did followers of the most hideous leaders of the past follow them? 
Answer.. it’s easier to follow someone that validates your thoughts, instead of questioning your own beliefs. Perhaps it’s not Trump that is the problem. Perhaps it’s our culture. Perhaps our culture has created a group of blinded followers that have taken the easy way. Become a Trumkin because it validates my views of society. 
It’s much easier to follow a cause that validates your views rather than question your own views. 
This mindset takes years to develop. I believe it began with Newt Gingrich during the Clinton years. That is when the great political divide morphed into virus that could destroy our country. That is when modern day politics turned into partisan blocking and obstruction. That is when the battle to influence your views began.
And here we are today. 

Trumpkins are blinded. They remain silent when Trump embraces our enemy. They blame others for Trump’s behaviors. Their hate for liberals eclipses their common sense.
Trumpkins are supporting the destruction of the ACA even when they have no idea how it will effect them. They support their fellow Right Wing elected officials who refuse to hold hearings and discuss their plan. 
People, our nation is at the cusp. Do we follow the fears a the ultra Right, or do we toss away the hate and truly become the shining light upon the hill? 
Trumpkins, the ball may be on your side of the court, will you clear the net or will you flub it?

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