Opine I will

I am a retired elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

Two years later

It’s been two years since Joe Biden was inaugurated as our 46th President. His presidency has been an astounding success in many ways. First and foremost, he has been able to restore the world’s confidence in our Nation’s abilities to lead. His unification of NATO to support Ukraine as they are facing Putin’s war crimes is in far contrast to Trump’s attempt to withdraw and destroy NATO. Without a doubt, Trump would have supported Putin’s march across eastern Europe.

Biden’s record of accomplishments are well documented.( https://www.whitehouse.gov/therecord/ ). You can check them out yourself.

Despite the accomplishments over the last two years, we have a cancer that has invaded our wonderful melting pot. That cancer is the divisiveness that drives a minority of our Nation to embrace Trump’s MGA doctrine blindly. Our House of Representatives’ narrow majority is being driven by a few that could drive us all off a cliff. Unfortunately, Speaker McCarthy’s own quest for power has him genuflecting to these few uneducated rabble-rousers. His lack of moral turpitude has allowed these few to bring legislating to an abrupt halt.

McCarthy, stands by silently as his caucus spends most of their time on Twitter, hauling insults, innuendos, and just plain lies in an effort to throw raw meat to MAGA diehards that form their thin political base. They defend a coup that played out on live TV, stating that is was just a tourist visit. They have ignored legal subpoenas while threatening to subpoena others. They have openly stated that Social Security should be abandoned or at the very least require seniors to work to 80 years old. They have threatened Medicare while at the same time should a willingness to throw millions into the abyss of no health insurance. They are insurrectionist that have invaded our government!

These insurrectionists, support abolishing the income tax, and creating a national sales tax that would tax you $30 for every $100 you spend. They want to abandon regulations that have protected, workers, children, families and our Nation. They ignore the benefits of a global society and the value that immigrants bring to our Nation. They spend an enormous amount of time labeling people as illegal and ignored Trump’s record of ripping children from the arms of parents. At the same time, they have failed to offer any serious ideas to solve the issue of migrants who seek a better way of life.

I refuse to label these insurrectionists as the “Ultra -Right” because even the Ultra Right has a platform that can be discussed, debated, and compromised on. These dangerous individuals are nothing more than uneducated thugs Hell bent on destroying our Nation.

That’s why they try to label those of us that are on to them as “Woke”. Even they don’t know what “woke ” means. I am proud to be Woke, because being woke will prevent me from joining their parade of morons.

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