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Covid and school ventilation

Ventilation systems in most schools are outdated and barely work as designed. Even before Covid teachers often felt the effect of poor ventilation in their rooms. Research shows that when room air is not adequately vented out and replace with fresh air CO2 levels rise sharply in s short period of time and as those levels increase cognitive abilities decline by 50% or more.

Now add Covid to this toxic environment. If school ventilation system fail to provide fresh air before Covid, what do you think will happen with Covid? So my question is really this, why haven’t school districts, and states remediated while school buildings were closed?

This is not rocket science! Clean those univents and filters in classrooms, install new ones where needed, and add exhaust fans.

Spacing desks 6′ apart is not enough, cleaning surfaces is not enough! If the air quality is poor all of that will not matter.

The Feds and states must pour money into our school infrastructure if they want to open the economy. Forget the corporate bailouts, for once in my lifetime I would love our nation to put schools at the top of a national priority and support them with the funding needed.

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2 thoughts on “Covid and school ventilation

  1. Re “This is not rocket science! Clean those univents and filters in classrooms, install new ones where needed, and add exhaust fans.” And adopt a maintenance schedule and fund the damned thing. I remember going back to my high school many years after my graduation and the chemistry labs were still not ventilated … other than with windows that opened and a fan the teacher set up to blow air out one of them. I was then embroiled in a battle with the administration of the college I was teaching at for not meeting the required number of room air changes per hour in the college’s chemistry labs. I guess we like to kill them when they are younger.

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