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I am a retired elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

Before you vote…THINK

To my Republican teacher friends,
Last night we heard every Republican candidate say that they would promote charters, vouchers, private schools, and home schooling. We heard them call teachers and schools failures.

If any one of them wins, know this, (as Ted Cruz would say) your public school will be at risk, children will lose necessary resources, and your careers will be at risk. You may not have a job, and their will be no social services available to help your family survive.

The Supreme Court will become a weapon that would destroy our way of life, your children will fight endless wars, you won’t afford health insurance, your pension will be a memory and you will have to work until you are dead or 70 years old.

And if you vote for any of them, please please never try teaching Social Studies.

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3 thoughts on “Before you vote…THINK

  1. Bigdebby on said:

    Never understood how a teacher could be a Republican. That nonsense that the entire public school system is failing is never followed up with a rebuttal. All students are included in measures that compare us to other nations. Other countries don’t include many, if any, disabled and cognitively impaired kids… And our poverty rate is way higher than most countries we are compared to. Where is that study that removed poverty and projected that our kids are indeed competitive. Comparing apples and oranges and then politicizing it. And as usual, Dems just stand by silently and let these myths pass as facts. As they do with a lot of crap Republicsns are spewing. And that is why I am predicting that Donald Trump will be the next president. Dems in leadership positions are weak on message. Bernie has done better in that regard, but we know he is likely not going to be the candidate.

  2. Nikson on said:

    I believe so…

  3. Well said. And I can think of many Democrat friends who need to read this; I’m not sure that there are that many politicians out there who wouldn’t keep buying into the educational privatization game….under it’s guise of “caring” and “helping” and “fixing.”

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