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I am an elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

A question for the new year

This is usually the month that a so called pedagogical  necessity  is used all across our nation.  I think we all need to think about the following.

Were the engineers, scientists, or contractors who designed the lunar module and put men on the moon ever forced to undergo this so called pedagogical  necessity?comamndandlunar

How about the engineers and laborers who tamed a mighty river and designed  and built the Hoover Dam to supply electricity for millions, do you think they ever were forced to undergo this so called pedagogical  necessity?


The Empire State Building was construct in only one year. Do you think the architects, contractors, laborers, financial backers of this monumental icon were forced to undergo this so called pedagogical  necessity?

The ” Greatest Generation ” saved the world and guaranteed a future for all of us. Do you think they were forced to undergo this so called pedagogical  necessity?


Do you think scientists and doctors who achieved medical breakthroughs, such as Dr. Jonas Salk   were ever subjected  and were forced to undergo this so called pedagogical  necessity?


Look at this shot of the construction of New York’s Verrazano bridge. Fifty years ago, the people who imagined, planned, and built this might structure were never subjected  or forced to undergo this so called pedagogical  necessity!verrazano

My question today is, where is the evidence that subjecting our elementary school children to hours of ‘ benchmark testing’ to assess their readiness for high stakes standardized testing, helps our nation?

All across the nation, elementary school children are being ‘measured’ by this  so called pedagogical tool. Ask yourselves why?



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6 thoughts on “A question for the new year

  1. Could I post it on FB? I would attribute it to the anonymous rratto….. The great mind behind the blog! 👍🏻


  2. Read N article in The Atlantic today about how China is trying to move away from its test-centric education system as that nation does not invent or develop anything of significance as the imagination, creativity and outside the box thinking that we have in the US cannot be measured by a test-score… yet we want to become more like China?

  3. Someday, there will be a move away from schooling – the ranking and ordering everyone to suit the needs of the power elite – towards education, which has nothing to do with that kind of nonsense. We have gotten so far afield from meaningful education that it’s hard for most people to imagine anything different from this insane paper chase, pacification, and regimentation that is schooling.

  4. stiegem on said:

    Let us see if Diane will.

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