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The Liberal Lion and the Snake in the Grass

Mario Cuomo was our Liberal Lion. He was a governor of the people, all the people.During his 1983 inaugural address he said,

“I believe government’s purpose, basically, is to allow those blessed with talent to go as far as they can on their own. But I believe that government also has an obligation to assist those who, for whatever inscrutable reason, have been left out by fate—the homeless, the infirm, the destitute—to help provide those necessary things which, through no fault of their own, they cannot provide for themselves. Of course, we should have only the government we need. But we must have, and we will insist on, all the government we need.”

Powerful words from our beloved Liberal Lion! During his tenure as our governor he increased spending on education because he knew and insisted that we must have “all the government we need”.

Fast forward to today and we now have his son, Andrew, aka “The Snake in the Grass”. Our miserable Snake in the Grass refuses to fully fund education and he set in place legislation, with Republican help, that makes it virtually impossible for local communities to make up the difference and fully fund their own community schools.

He allows hedge fund billionaires to raid our states most important asset, our schools, by evicting public schools from parts of our community public school buildings.

Our venomous Snake in the Grass, is now holding our necessary state aide hostage until he gets his way. Only a slithering Snake in the Grass would use a funding for children’s programs as a weapon. Even though  one million children live in poverty in his state, he refuses to give children what they need.

Unlike his father, Andrew Cuomo does not believe we must have all the government we need. This Snake in the Grass follows the tune of his campaign donor snake charmers.

The time has come for New York State residents to chop the head off this snake, his venom is poisoning our children’s future.  Contact your local legislator today and demand that they abandon this snake and his ideals.

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7 thoughts on “The Liberal Lion and the Snake in the Grass

  1. Virginia on said:

    How do we go about demanding a recall vote like the one of Scott Walker in Wisconson? I’m not totally convinced he actually won this election.

  2. Brian Fitzgerald on said:

    Good salary, great pension, tenure, vacation time most people would be envious of. Taxpayers asking for teacher evaluations ? Outrageous ! Shocking ! The world needs more self serving, whiny schoolteachers like a fish needs a bicycle !

  3. Brian Fitzgerald on said:

    Good salary, great pension, vacation time most people would be envious of. Teacher evaluations ? Outrageous ! A bit thin skinned aren’t we ?

  4. Brian Fitzgerald on said:

    Lol. Opine I will.

    • Opinions need something to back them up, otherwise it’s just a baseless rant.

      Salary- Well earned with almost 2 decades of business experience and almost 2 decades of educational experience

      Pension- part of our compensation package that we contribute to and it is fully funded by investments

      Tenure- due process rights that all employees should have that protects the children we teach

      Vacation- unpaid leaves, akin to temporary layoffs

      Whiny? Not at all. It is speaking up for what I believe in and backing up every word.

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