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I am an elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

The Big Lie

The Big Lie
time mag

It’s been said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Time Inc.’s website touts them as , ” Time Inc. (NYSE: TIME) is one of the largest media companies in the world reaching more than 130 million consumers each month across multiple platforms through influential brands such as Time, People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Wallpaper and NME.”Notice their descriptor… ‘influential brands’. Time Inc. admits their magazines are out there to influence the public.

Time knows their covers influence, they also know that most of their readers won’t take the time to actually read. That’s why this cover is so dangerous. Yes… dangerous!

You see folks, we are at war and it’s a Civil War.  The weapons of this war are  influence,strategy, and power .

Influence( some examples)

Time magazine ( at the top of today’s list)

Think Tanks..

Gates Foundation

Koch Bros.


Media outlets

Strategy ( some examples)

Promote the Big Lie;

” Our schools are failing”

“We are losing our standing in the world”

“Kids are not career and college ready”

“Teachers are ineffective”

“Our learning standards need improvement”

“Data can be used to make all kids learn”

“Teachers can overcome all other influences in a child’s life”

Power ( some examples)

“Elected officials”

Groups like New York State’s Board of Regents


Governor’s Association

US Department of Education



This Civil War is being fought around the “Big Lie”.  Their aim is to gain control of our Nation’s most precious assets, our public schools so they may reap the huge profits of their conquests. The victors will gain control of our Nation’s hearts, minds and souls.They are filling their coffers with the spoils of each battle.

Every time they take over part or all of a school building they get stronger. Every time a district succumbs to the fear that they may be labeled as a failure if they don’t follow a Pearson scripted curriculum we lose a battle. Every second a teacher is forced to march their class through test prep, we are one step closer to losing this war.

It’s time to treat this as a real war. We have a weapon that is more powerful, more influential, more effective than anything they can throw at us.  That weapon is solidarity!

Solidarity has been used effectively to advance real change through history. We need to build strong grassroot links across our communities. Educate parents and your neighbors on the perils of losing their neighborhood schools. Visit with local Chambers of Commerce’s and discuss with them that education and tax reform are two separate issues and they should not be used to drive each other. Boycott media outlets that influence and not report. Get active in politics and drive those, who desire to split our nation, into the haves and have nots out of our state houses, governor’s mansions and even our city halls. Demand that your local school boards treat their teachers with respect and focus with laser like precision on what children really need rather on trying to jump through some reformer’s hoop.

And most importantly ….VOTE!









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2 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. Parents – vote for public schools by refusing to allow your children to take the tests!!! www (dot) unitedoptout (d0t) com

  2. Labras Mac Anna on said:

    Vote for who? Who are They ? Unless you can truly identify your enemy you will never defeat them!
    I can empathise with your plight as a concerned Educator for I am also one but the battle is not a Civil War it is a war for the survivval of Judeo Christian America and The West. This is a Judeo Christian Country and it is being ,nay ,has been under attack since Prayer was first forced out of our schools and collective lives as Americans.Our Traditional American Life Style has been transformer from Parent lead communities to a place and time where Parents are forced aside by The State run Schools and Colleges.The Power House of America’s rise in influence and commerce around the world stemmed from a Nation built upon solid foundations of Family ,Church, Education and Strong Communities. Within those foundational entities our children from generation to generation where taught and it was re inforced on a daily basis, a love for their Familes,God, their elders, their schools ,colleges, their country and what it stands for and how Americans celebrate the sacrifices that were made by Americans in order to build such a great nation ! Being an America was based unpon Individual God Given Rights protected by Our Constitution and Bill of Rights and an understanding of how all Americans are to be treated and are treated equally under ” The Law of The Land .”Being an America is like no other experience in the parade of Nations for no other Nation has as it’s Founding the idea that ” The People ” bestow power to their elected representatives to allow them to govern them ! ” The essence of the Nation is founded upon ” Individual Freedom ” and freedom from intrusive Governmental Obstruction to the individual enterprise of the population. The Freedom to invent,research,develop and establish one’s own fortune based upon one’s own effort, intelligence and enterprise is ” The Birth Right ” of Every American!

    That Right is being ripped from our hands by People that are not Judeo Christians and they seek to destroy America as it was and to place all Americans under their control!

    The Enemy is any entity that seeks to restrict you as an individual from exercising your rights as deleniated in ” Our Contituition and Bill of Rights”,who would stop you from seeking equal treatment under ” The Law”, who would force you to do anything which causes you to have to do anything against your ” Free Will “, who would impose their ideology upon you and your children using The bullying force of Governmental Regulation and Law,who would deny you your right to practice your Religion by Government regulation and law —

    Today in America our Enemy is Our Elected Government from Town Hall to The Congress! But ” To Give the Devil his due ” he got a lot of help from ” We The People ! ” For ‘ A Nation of Sheep shall breed a Government of Wolves .”

    We are cowered by those Wolves but are we to be consumed or are we to set them to flight for fear of their lives of tyranny or are we to rise like ” The Pheniox ” and burst out like a flame to re ignite the Passions of all Americans and to reclaim our Birth Rights and Homeland !

    I Vote to Rise and Conquer The Beasts that would destroy us and our futures and those of our Children. Put your Party Affliation aside and undestand that this is A Vote to Save America. Vote Right and live to rebuild our Nation or Vote Wrong and live to answer your Grandchildren when they ask you , ”

    “What was it like to live in America when She was Free and Men could live and work without Tyranny! “

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