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Common Core Test Abuse

Today my 5th grade class was subjected to day 1 of a  3 day Common Core exam that according to New York Governor Cuomo will result in “unfair test results.” He even said students must be protected from these results. The legislature took the extraordinary (not really) step of including a bill in their budget proposal that says districts should not use the results of these tests, unless of course they want to.

Confused yet? During last’s night debate ( not really) on the New York State Assembly floor, Assemblyman Graf asked if it was true that they were voting to reduce a 90 minute test to 90 minutes! ( Yes!, Really, 90 minutes!)

Today, Cuomo announced that he needed to look at the impact of Common Core testing on teacher evaluations. ( Yes, he really said that!) Cuomo said Common Core testing has been rolled out too quickly and it is not a fair indicator of student success.

Has the campaign begun??

As Cuomo fiddles, the students in my class are being put through the fire. They sat today trying to decipher ridiculous questions that asked, among other things, relationships between paragraphs, which paragraphs contribute to the structure of a story, and what should have been included in the summary of a story they read.

The read 6 essays, and answered 42 very difficult and abstract questions. The stories had characters with names that would be unfamiliar to 98%  of New Yorkers. They were uninteresting and the students told me later just how  hard they struggled to stay motivated. Observing,  I witnessed students struggle through the first couple then they seem to just skim and randomly select bubbles to fill in. One student said, “This was the worst 90 minutes of the entire year.”

Students wondered if they failed, students were drained and wondered what they would face tomorrow.

My question to the governor,

Why did we abuse New York’s children today?




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3 thoughts on “Common Core Test Abuse

  1. Novlette Myers on said:

    Interesting! Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 00:19:28 +0000 To: nhemyers@hotmail.com

  2. I hope Bill Gates and the powers that be understand that one day they will be accountable for what they are doing to these children. From what I understand there has been much testimony given about the harm these useless test cause our children, so why are they putting them through testing? God help our little ones. Seems our elected leaders have their eyes on something besides the welfare of our children. If they have any decency among them they will throw out common core and testing now. I pray for our children.

  3. AJ Cannon on said:

    This is where we are as a nation. Doing the WRONG THING for the WRONG reason. A nation who declares a war on bullies while picking on its kids. EVERY LEGISLATOR in NJ… IT is on YOUR HEADS. NJ could have opted out as an entire state. I am sickened that parents have to fight the battles elected officials are sworn to fight. VOTERS WAKE UP the names you recognize do not recognize you. they care about their SEATS more than your kids. THIS ALL means the only future they are protecting is their own.

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