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I am an elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

My Constitutional Right

A quick update.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I have documented my unfortunate encounter with my NYS Assemblywomen Michaelle Solages. I have gathered enough evidence that Solages has used her office to attempt to destroy my career. I know a NYS Assembly Computer was used to impersonate a NYSUT member ( New York State United Teachers) . I know she tracked down where I worked and called my principal. I know that she call the regional office at NYSUT asking them to do something about me. I know my district received an mysterious e-mail that included the same details the message sent from the Assembly computer.

Too many patriots have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ideals of our nation. Our elected representative, are suppose to represent us not the party line. Our elected representatives are not allowed to abuse the power of their office. When a constituent asks a simple question like I did, an answer is expected. A vendetta is not.

Something I haven’t posted. I called Ms. Solages office the other day and demanded an apology. I also warned them if an apology was not received I would take this further. Yet another opportunity lost by her to do the right thing.

Therefore, my complaint to The New York State Office of the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Bureau has been mailed. I do not do this lightly. I am fully aware that any false statements made by me are punishable by law.


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3 thoughts on “My Constitutional Right

  1. fportelos on said:

    Please run against her in the next election….I’ll help you set up a great political website.

  2. As a fellow teacher from Western NY, I find this experience appalling, disturbing, offensive, yet highly intriguing. I came across it from a link on Diane Ravitch’s website. I will pass your blog on to my colleagues. Knowledge is power. It sounds like you have a handle on this, but if you need us to do anything, alert the masses. We’re with you (well, except for “Juan”).

  3. WordsMatter on said:

    Thank you for your courage in standing up for children and democracy. The democracy I knew as a child is slowly disappearing, and your lesson is one children need now, more than ever in America’s history. I applaud you for teaching real life civic responsibility to the next generation . Your actions truly honor the many patriots who have sacrificed their lives in protecting the ideals of our country. For any elected official to act with disregard and then to abuse the power of one’s position is a serious insult to democracy.

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