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Attorney General Time?

This saga with my Assemblywomen appears to be reaching a level that I never expected. I was informed tonight that an e-mail was sent to my district that accuses me of some sort of wrong doing. So now an internal investigation into the incident is underway. I am 100% confident that I did nothing wrong and that nothing will come out of this that will have a negative affect on me.

That said, yesterday I received the following comment on my blog. I deleted it, not because I am afraid of negative comments, but because something was just not right. Let’s see if you can spot the problem. Click on it to enlarge it.


Did you notice the I.P. address?

A simple I.P. address search reveals the origin of the comment.

Check this out.. Click on it so you can read it.

IP address

Surprised? Not me..

Now once I get my hands on the e-mail sent to my district and check out that I.P address it may be time to contact Albany.


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12 thoughts on “Attorney General Time?

  1. Keep posting, this could really spiral.

  2. fportelos on said:

    Great work. They don’t realize how easy it is to track. Maybe you should run for assembly.

  3. Time for an official apology from the Assembly Woman.

  4. Was there ever a time when elected representatives actually served the people who elected them? These days it’s, heaven forbid a constituent should ask a politician why the politician made the decision he did.

  5. Anonymous on said:

    That is a disgrace! I requested you 3x to teach my children because you are the best! My daughter was prepared for high school bc of you and my son has changed his work ethic bc if you! As a parent of your students I say I am proud if you!!!! And you have my support as well as many others!

  6. It is time some of these oppressors were slapped down and slapped down hard. You go!

  7. readingexchange on said:

    I cannot understand why the assembly woman would not reveal how she voted. If she had, this would be a non-issue. Have government officials forgotten that they work for “we the people”?

  8. Anonymous on said:

    This “issue” is not going to go away. What a great lesson for those kids. I hope they remember when they get the opportunity to vote.

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