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Village of Mineola- A Village of Shame

The following is off topic but is something that I need to get off my chest. And yes, I am using my blog as a sort of bully pulpit ( all be it a tiny one) to bring some attention to what I feel is a form of organized thuggery.

The nature of local governments to create local fiefdoms,  that have bloated patronage laden payrolls, have a stranglehold on our lives. The following letter is to the Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Mineola. For those of you who don’t know, Mineola is located in the heart of Nassau County and is also home to  our county seat. It is a Republican controlled village that has a thriving tax base, a major transportation hub, and schools that are struggling to stay afloat financially.

Mayor Scott Strauss

Village of Mineola

155 Washington Avenue

Mineola, New York 11501


Dear Mayor Strauss,

Attached please find my check for $50 for payment of  ticket that I received on Marcellus. After spending a stressful day with my father in the emergency room at Winthrop Hospital, I returned to my car ( after moving it several times) to find that I have been ticketed by your village.

Please convey my sincere regret to your village residents, that they feel the need to consciously raise revenue on the families of those seeking medical care at Winthrop. Your village’s predatory nature of issuing tickets, in front of the hospital, is something that has marked your village as a village of shame.  It’s bad enough that your parking meter rates surrounding the hospital are exorbitant; you also have parking enforcement thugs that prey on those who are facing medical emergencies. Your village’s snow removal is poor and has forced many of us that must go to the hospital to scale huge snowbanks to feed meters or move our cars.

Attached please find my $50 check. I pray it is used to help you and your village to reset your moral compass. In the meantime, as I make my daily visits to Winthrop Hospital, my thoughts of my ailing father will be shared with a disdain of your village.

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph Ratto

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6 thoughts on “Village of Mineola- A Village of Shame

  1. This makes me crazy! I appreciate your sharing. In the past, I’ve seen the show, “Parking Wars”, and thought there seemed to be a targeting of neighborhoods with the least resources; but targeting people experiencing health crises as well?!! Outrageous! You have outlined perfectly this cruel and shameful practice of revenue collection. Maybe you will at least get some sort of bumbling apology. Also, I’m sorry for your father’s medical emergency and hope his health is improving.

    • Your parking enforcers sit a wait for meters to expire. I was no more than a minute or two late. I don’t mid looking for a spot, or even putting 2 bits in a meter, but your village preys on those visiting the hospital. That labels your village. BTW, my car had a cargo box on it at the time and it would not fit in the garage.

      It is well known that your village enforcers sit and wait for the meters to expire. they issue tickets when your village also does a terrible job removing snow which makes it difficult for many to even get to the meter. You sir chose to live their, I had no choice

  2. Adam Fink on said:

    Ralph Ratto:
    As a resident in Mineola near where you parked I have no sympathy for you. If we did not enforce our parking laws our streets would be overrun by non residents using the LIRR and the Hospital. the fact that you didn’t want to pay for the parking garage Winthrop provides to visiting families is ridiculous. again there is a cheaper MTA lot in walking distance that is only $6/per day. A third option of parking no more than 3 blocks from the Hospital would be alternate side all day parking. Again you refused these 3 options. So please tell me again how this is the Village of Mineola’s fault because you were to lazy?

    • T. Glidden on said:

      Mr. Fink & The Village of Mineola,
      I work in the Village across from the court house. Every morning I need to find a parking space. I put my money in the meter and go to work. The previous posters are correct. The meter maids do WAIT on the street in their cars waiting for the meters to expire. They issue tickets, some even 2 minutes before the meters expire. This has become a serious issue. After looking out for our coworkers we have come to find we cannot place quarters in their meters because we risk arrest. The meter maids are nasty (most of them )and there is no doubt they would cause more problems. The working people here must put in 5 hours worth of time. When that is up we need to move our cars to a different spot or we are ticketed. The Village of Mineola needs to come up with a working mans parking fee. Charge us a few dollars every year for a permit and alleviate the extra stress the village is placing on the work force in the village. The villages rules are making the businesses in the area suffer due to the constant need of its employees to leave their desk to prevent further monetary deductions from their paychecks. Mr. Fink, please I would implore you to find sympathy for us the working class who make up the village work force and support the businesses in the area. The purpose of my response is hopefully the village will see this and seriously think about implementing a better plan.

  3. Patrick on said:

    I have a complaint as well. Today 11/15/17, I was given a ticket for being over the scheduled time of 5 hours. My receipt said you parked the car at 12:33 and I arrived at 4:35 to leave my metered spot. I paid for 5 hours and yet I was given a $175 dollar ticket for being over the limit. 5 hours would of brought me up to 5:30 pm. The code enforcer is either a liar or he’s told to go out and fill your quota!! My wife works at Winthrop and when the parking meter in the garage is broken the village of Mineola expects you to A. Stay there till it was fixed (which is what the code enforcer told my wife) B. It wasn’t fixed till the next day and 3/4 of the garage was ticketed!!! My wife left a note on her dashboard and the next day the same code enforcer said “I don’t care what you left on the dash.” The village of Mineola are worse than ….

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