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Terror From Within

The next battle in the war to take over our public schools had begun in New York State . The ‘reformers’ leashed a new propaganda campaign , claiming they knew all along that our schools are the cause of our nation’s woes.

This is our real war on terror folks, terror from within.

Labeling our schools failures has been a successful diversionary tactic of those who are gaining financially and politically. Today communities all across New York will be told that their schools are not adequately preparing their children for ‘college and careers’. Those who have planned to inflict terror have planned long and hard for this day. They even warned us that this day of reckoning was coming. They have also promised that only they can provide the way to a more secure future. Follow them or be tossed to the wayside. They demand that all follow the Common Core Standards, for that is the way.

Today they  stand before us and ask for calm. They  feign concern while reassuring the citizens of this state that all is well, and that this is a needed step in their reform movement. The indoctrination of the nation is underway and it will be in full force .

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One thought on “Terror From Within

  1. Michael Paul Goldenberg on said:

    You betcha.

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