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Teaching has nothing to do with the Common Core

This is not a story about the Common Core, this is a story that demonstrates what teaching really is. Teaching is not about tests and teaching is not about teacher rubrics. Teaching is not about college and career ready nonsense for third grade students. Teaching is  this…..

Janine Bonura is one of the best teachers I know. Despite having 28 students in her third grade class,  she somehow achieves success in each one of her students in remarkable ways. She shared with me this wonderful narrative.

The following is  a reader response from one of my third grade students who came to me in September as a non-reader and non-writer.  This student was adopted from another country at the age of 3 years old.  At the age of 5 years old it was discovered that she was deaf.  She had never heard a sound!  Interventions began right away but the gap in all areas was significant.

Reader Response from a third grade student after reading Fly Eagle Fly

During the story I realized that I used to be someone who couldn’t read or write or count.  So when I was 5 years old my mom and my dad teach me so, so hard, but I didn’t get it.  One summer my mom got me a tutor and then another tutor.  So my two tutors worked on me so, so hard and I worked so, so hard, but I couldn’t get it.

One day I was practicing so, so hard and then I got it!  My parents were so proud of me.  When my tutor heard she was happy.  When it was my first day of school I felt like it was too hard.  So I tried and I tried to use my brain but it was so, so hard.  My teacher said I should never ever give up.  So I kept trying and I knew I couldn’t ever give up.  Then I got it!  My teacher was so, so happy that I never gave up.  I got it!

Over this school year I have watched as this little girl began to grow in her speaking, reading and writing skills. The growth she has made across all areas has exceeded all expectations!  She has truly begun flying this year!  It has been a joy watching this happen and knowing that I along with so many others had a part is helping her take flight!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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3 thoughts on “Teaching has nothing to do with the Common Core

  1. Dale Mcinerney on said:

    Hi Ralph and Janine, Yes!!!!!! Keep at it, some of us out here appreciate your hard work. Love to all, Dale

  2. Irene Gersch on said:

    This is Teaching just like you said and what and amazing story!
    You are an inspiration to all Educators to share their stories just like this!
    Thank You!
    Irene Vertullo Gersch

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you for sharing this story! I have realized that we as educators are only the farmers. Our mission is to cultivate whatever seed or seeds are within a child. Each student needs something different, however, they all need to know that they are loved, respected and safe in our classrooms. In that environment miracles happen. This is my measurement of being a highly effective teacher. The growth I had with this student is truly amazing! This is why we teach! Together we make a difference in the lives of our students! Let’s stay focused on that!

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