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It’s All About to Hit the Fan

It’s all about to hit the fan. 

New York State’s own version of  ‘Hell Weeks‘  begins this week. Beginning on Tuesday, most of New York’s children will be undergoing a grueling 540 minutes of high stakes testing.

This past weekend NY Education Commissioner John King said, “… that these assessments are an opportunity, not a judgment of failure,” King said, “It’s an opportunity to see how we do against something that is challenging … after all, we want students to become adults who are courageous about taking challenges.” King,whose own children go to a Montessori school and will not be subjected to this testing, doesn’t have a clue about transforming children into courageous, and independent  lifetime learners. His actions speak much louder than his nonsensical words. Shielding his own children from these tests, and his own regulations, while subjecting other children to them, is gross misconduct. Every parent in this state should be demanding his immediate resignation. He obviously does not believe in public schools.

I wish Governor Cuomo and Commissioner King would answer the tough questions on courage.

  • Will these test measure how an extremely courageous child in my class is handling a devastating family situation?
  • Will these test take into consideration, a child dealing with a breakup of his family? A child dealing with a parent’s illness? Their own illness??
  • Will these tests measure the awesome curiosity and courage developed over the course of the year?
  • Will these tests measure the emotional growth of a child who entered my class shy and withdrawn and now is willing to take a chance?
  • Will these tests take into consideration, the child who is entering puberty and his /her confidence is on shaky ground as they struggle with their identity?
  • Will these tests measure how a child has developed into a creative writing, willing to share their personal thoughts as they write from the hearts?
  • Will these tests measure how a child has become confident enough to recognize that they need to reach out for the extra help they need?
  • Will these tests take into consideration the fear and anxiety brought on by the excessive pressure of high stakes testing?
  • Will these tests measure how children who go to sleep hungry at night, manage somehow to show up to school and do their very best?
  • Will these tests measure how those with physical challenges courageously do the best they can every day?

Commissioner King, you have no clue what courage is. You are about to learn a lesson of courage from thousands of parents all across the state.

The Power of Courageous Parents

All across the state thousands of parents are gearing up for battle this week. Arming themselves with letters they are informing their local districts that they are their child’s best advocate and they are responsible for their child’s education, future ,and most importantly, their emotional well being. They are informing their teachers, principals, superintendents, and school boards, that their children will not be taking these tests. They are refusing to have their children sit though 540 minutes of abusive testing, and that they don’t see these tests as a challenge. They see these tests, as an example of corporate reform, hell bent on destroying public education and being  let through the hallowed gates of our communities most precious assets, by a Education Commissioner and Governor, who don’t believe in local control and the ‘public’ in public education.

These parents have the courage to say, “No! You will not be doing this to my child!  This is not an opportunity this is abuse and we won’t let you do it!

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4 thoughts on “It’s All About to Hit the Fan

  1. By liking this post will I be in trouble with NYSUT?

  2. Prathit Shukla on said:

    Yeah! More fun

  3. Cassondra on said:

    I live in Missouri where we are still doing the MAPP test. Basically same problem just different test. My 8yr old daughter, who happens to be gifted, was so stressed out over preparing for these tests that she started having anxiety attacks on a daily basis and is now on homebound. She still had to go in to do the testing. What do these tests prepare her for? And it certainly doesn’t measure how effective the teacher is in her regular classroom. Because most of these things she learned two years ago on her own, by reading books that we bought her because the school library did not have her reading level. I do not hold the teachers responsible for this issue. I hold the state responsible for not letting the teachers do their jobs.

  4. yeah more fun

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