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The Fruitcake and the Big Banana – a tale inspired by a pineapple

The Fruitcake and the Big Banana

(A tale inspired by the Pineapple and the Hare)

In recent times, politicians all across the country, thought they knew a way to get everyone to speak English just like them.  One day a fruitcake, to appease those politicians, challenged all teachers in the country to a race to the top.

(I forgot to mention, fruitcakes have been dictating education policy lately.)

I should mention, that teachers all across the country have graduate degrees and are always perfecting their craft by utilizing professional development. So they seemed surprised by the challenge.

“Mr. Fruitcake, why are you challenging us teachers to a race to the top?”  the teachers asked. “ Are you kidding, after the NCLB fiasco your predecessor thrust upon us?”

“Sure,” said the fruitcake. “ The big banana approved my plan to challenge you all.” He said, “Yes you can.”

“You aren’t even in a classroom, you don’t understand all the challenges!” the teachers said. “ You’re a Fruitcake!”

All the educators across the country thought it was strange that the Fruitcake would want to have a race to the top. You see teachers all over the country supported the big banana and his ideas, except this one.

“ The fruitcake must have some sort of hidden agenda,” the skeptical professor said.

“Fruitcakes are full of mysterious green things that have hidden meanings, ”the Sly Fox broadcasted.

“ Well you know, if a fruitcake wants teachers to race to the top, it must mean there is a really good reason.” the Peacock with the fancy right wing said. “ After all, we’ve heard that they haven’t been to the top for a very long time.” “The fruitcake must know what he’s doing.”

Everyone all across the country, well not quite everyone, started to believe that the fruitcake knew what he was doing. Even the big banana thought the race to the top was achievable. So all many of those with right and left wings started to proclaim that they believed in the fruitcakes grand plan.

When the race began, the teachers resigned to their fate, attended meetings in anticipation of readying their small groups, to sprint to the top. They coached, drilled and practiced with their teams every available minute. Some teams even gave up some luxuries such as meaningful discussions, exploring their imaginations, and yes dreaming. All in an effort to race to the top.

As the race to the top  became an anticipated spectacle all across the country, all those standing by in the country, realized that there was going to be a cost to race to the top. Suddenly, the mood of those standing by began to change, and the sly Fox broadcasted, that the teachers are really scapegoats. The Sly Fox began to lead many of those standing buy in the country to chant, that the teachers were the blame for the need to race to the top.

Now the Big Banana saw what was happening in the country, So he took to the air and proclaimed that teachers should be allowed to have meaningful discussions, explore the imaginations, and yes let their teams dream.  Just as the teachers began to jump for joy, they realized the Big Banana didn’t call the race to the top off. The Fruitcake’s cohorts all across the country, were still constructing challenges , obstacles and hazards for the race. So the teachers had no choice but to lead their teams to the starting line.

There they were, the Sly Fox, belittling the teachers, the Fruitcake promising rewards at the top and punishment for those who don’t make it, the bystanders looking confused and some not seeing evil, hearing no evil, and saying no evil, standing by. The skeptical professor went from one end of the line to the other, trying to convince the masses that the race to the top is a trick, because there was no top.

Then the race began….

The teachers took off, as fast as they could. Working earnestly they approached their first obstacle. Strangely enough it was a pineapple.

And that’s where we leave our little story. Only time will tell if the teachers can overcome the pineapple. Will the Fruitcake be eaten by the bystanders? Will the Big Banana remain the Big Banana? Will the Sly Fox continue to confuse those who listen? Will the skeptical professor convince the bystanders to help the teachers and end the race?

One thing I do know, teachers all across the country overcome pineapples, fruitcakes, and those who try to turn them into scapegoats every day. Big bananas always start off green and either turn deliciously ripe or just plain rotten. Teachers want the big banana to ripen beautifully but if it turns rotten, no matter how much they can, even if they want to, they won’t, if it turns rotten.

Moral: Be careful where you race to

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3 thoughts on “The Fruitcake and the Big Banana – a tale inspired by a pineapple

  1. Nina Bishop on said:

    What a hoot! Great story!

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    Please send your letter of parental rights voilations regarding high stakes standardized testing to:

    Nina Bishop
    3065 Windward Way
    Colorado Springs, CO 80917
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    Parents united and reclaim our voice in the education of our children and take back our schools!

  2. Galton on said:

    Ha ha ha,
    Well done, well told.

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