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The Real Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived. And Yes!!  My beloved NY Giants are in it!

Regardless of which team you cheer on to victory, everyone is fully aware that Super Bowl Sunday has arrived. The media has been buzzing, stores have stocked up on supplies and team paraphernalia, the advertising industry has paid millions for 30 seconds of air time, families and friends are gathering, people all across the nation are focusing on the big game,and even presidential candidates are weighing in on the game. The nation is ready. The game is about to happen.

Wouldn’t  it be something, if our nation became as excited about the education of our children as it does over a football game?

What do you think would happen if the media covered education with the same detail as it covers the Super Bowl. During the game, we’re treated to data that has been analyzed, debated, scrutinized, and shared to help us understand the game. During the game, commentary is given to help those not familiar, understand the nuances of the game. Instant replays are deployed to review what and why certain plays were all about. They’re played over and over and even slowed down to include every important aspect of the game. For weeks after, if not years, game situations will be discussed and analyzed.  Just imagine, what education would be like if the media actually presented educational outcomes and their causes in a way that was fitting for the Super Bowl.

The public invests in the Super Bowl. The competition to host the Super Bowl is extreme. Some think it could be a $400 million windfall for the host city.  Combined with the millions spent nationwide on advertising, merchandise, food, and anything else associated with the big game, the Super Bowl creates a huge lift in revenue for many.

Can you imagine the revenues that could be generated, if there was a similar investment and buzz on educating our nation’s children? Would we have teachers working without pay as is the case in Pennsylvania? Would we have schools in a state of disrepair? Would we have classrooms that are overcrowded? Would we have states like NY imposing arbitrary tax caps on education? Would we have kids living in poverty?

The Super Bowl is played every day in every classroom across the country. Teachers coach their students to advance on the field of knowledge, and yes, sometimes they fumble, fall, drop the ball and get tackled by a problem. But just like coaches in today’s game, teachers are there to get their teams into the end zone.

Just imagine if what teachers do every day was treated like the big game?  

Would outside influences be allowed to hijack our game plans and our schools? Would superficial stats be tolerated?  Would a school be judged based on a specific performance on a specific day? Would new mandates and rules be implemented without fully analyzing the affects?  Would our team be allowed to take the field without the necessary nutrition? Would our teams be allowed to even play the game without the necessary equipment?

You want to see the real Super Bowl? Visit a classroom.

Go Giants!

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