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I am an elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

The best of…

Let me start right off with the obvious. Yes! I believe that if children have the BEST teacher their odds at succeeding in life are greatly improved. I also believe that if they had the best parents, the best homes, the best doctors, the best foods, the best medicines, the best genes, the best… oh you get the idea. Of course having the best is always the best! But, what are the odds of that?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the best is after reading a study being touted across the media that states incomes of children will be higher if they have the best teachers. ( I’m purposely not providing a link to the study. You see  this study has not been peered reviewed, it’s not published in any worthy journal, it’s just being touted as the answer by some journalists. Why should I help spread this questionable nonsense? The study is out there and if you really want to read it, I’m sure you can easily find it.)

The study itself leaves us with many questions. Such as, how valid is the data, how did they acquire the data, what school district (pretty important), why did they leave out kids with special needs ( even more important), and why isn’t it peered review? These are basic questions, that makes me wonder what’s really going on?

Pressure is mounting to rate teachers, offer merit pay, fire teachers, get rid of collective bargaining, eliminate tenure and in general just pound teachers. This so called study is just more  fodder for the trough of those looking to feed on education dollars. Here in NY State many districts have been mandated to reevaluate how they rate teachers. Read this blog  for a quick snapshot of how it’s going.

So let’s return to where I started. What do you think would happen if children had the best parents, the best homes, the best doctors, the best foods, the best medicines, the best genes,and  the best legislatures working for them? Would having the best teacher mean helping them score high on some silly test or would the best teacher help them make the most out of all the best things they have going on for them?  

Let’s attempt to  fix or societal problems Let’s attempt to make sure our children have the best. Let’s stop pretending some lobbyist, some economic guru, some bureaucrat  has the answer. Let’s start using some common sense.




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4 thoughts on “The best of…

  1. Truer words were never spoken!

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