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I am an elementary school teacher just trying to do the right thing

More trouble on the horizon

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement  that “The greatest challenge is going to be reforming the education system in this state” should be a wake up call for all educators throughout the state. Cuomo’s one size fits all approach to education reveals his ignorance and arrogance that will make him a one term governor.

We all know that we have a diverse state, with diverse resources, a diverse population, diverse funding (unfair), and many diverse impacts on the education of the children and young adults in our state. To lump all schools into one category and declaring that, “The need for reform in education is much more striking to me…” ignores our diversity.

Why should a very successful district, of which there are many in NY, be forced to swallow another mandate? All to often these new mandates, such as APPR are unfunded and do more harm  by eroding the funding of  resources available for local districts.

Why is a so called Democratic Governor so set against local control? He has already stripped some control of budgeting from local school boards. Mandating that the ONLY budget in NYS that actually is voted on need a new 60% super majority to approve an increase of over 2%. Municipalities all across the state are declaring that they can’t live with that 2% cap and are able to over ride the cap with a simple majority of their boards. Why can’t local school boards do the same? They still would need a simple majority of local voters.His 2% tax cap will have devastating impacts on public education in our state. Most municipal governments have declared that they can’t do it, and have so easily opted out of it, yet school districts  can’t. He has effectively stripped local control away. He has marginalized  the local residents’ vote. He has rewritten democracy. He is stating that 59.9% is not a majority. He is wrong.

We must ask ourselves did the people of NY elect the first Democratic Tea Party Governor?

What has he done to address the real issues that effect education in NYS? Poverty? Health care? affordable housing? Public Safety?

“Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has said, pension reform, relief  from government mandates and state agency consolidation will be among
his priorities for 2012”
  That certainly sounds like he took a huge gulp of Tea.


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